Site Terms of Use

Site Terms of Use

The person visiting the site will be referred to as the user.
RENTEK DIALYSIS will be referred to as RENTEK.
The user accepts all of the terms and conditions in these "Site Terms of Use".
RENTEK reserves the right to make changes to the "Site Terms of Use", "Privacy Policy" and other instructions on this site at any time.
These changes will be valid and binding from the date they are published on this site.
It is the user's responsibility to follow the updates and changes that have taken place, and RENTEK has no obligation to notify you of these changes.
By using RENTEK services you are deemed to have accepted these changes.
Links on the RENTEK site may take the user to a different web address.
RENTEK does not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy or function of these sites.
These links are provided in good faith.
RENTEK is not responsible for any subsequent changes in the linked sites.
RENTEK cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or penal damage, loss, damage or liability that may arise from the creation, production or transmission of this site.
All real and legal persons capable of exercising civil rights can benefit from the services of RENTEK.
Minors under the age of 18 or underage, those with disabilities and those who do not have the right to appeal can only take action with their parents or legal representatives.
All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information and method on this site belong to RENTEK.
These rights are protected by national and international law.

Visiting this site or using the services on this site does not give you any right to such intellectual property rights.
By visiting or using this site, you undertake not to violate the aforementioned intellectual property rights.
You can send us all your ideas and suggestions by e-mail.
These recommendations can be used by RENTEK. It is deemed to be accepted that no rights will be claimed by the person sharing the idea and suggestion.
Our website can only be used for legal purposes and in compliance with the law.
By using this site, you undertake to act in accordance with the law.
Actions such as making false statements to gain unfair advantage, trying to hide existing damages and pretending they happened at a later date, using fake names and credit cards create criminal liability.
RENTEK is authorized to take measures to prevent such situations, such as blocking access to the site or making a complaint.
RENTEK is free to accept or refuse to provide a requested service.
In case of a conflict between us due to the services received through our website, Turkish law will be applied to this conflict and Istanbul (Central) courts and enforcement offices will be authorized.
Copyright belongs to RENTEK. All rights reserved. The text, visual, sound, animation and video files and designs published on this site are copyrighted in accordance with the Law No. 5846 and the relevant Legislation.
All items cannot be copied, used or published on other sites for commercial purposes.


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