Organization Chart

Organization Chart

  • General Manager
    • Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager
      • Purchasing Department
      • Accounting
      • Technical Services
      • Corporate Billing Specialist
      • Patient Registration and Consultation Officer
      • Human Resources
      • Job Security Specialist
      • Information Systems
    • Nursing Services Manager (Head Nurse)
      • Unit Head Nurses
      • Dialysis Nurses \/ Technicians
      • Occupational Nurse
      • Auxiliary Staff
      • Sterilization
      • Chauffeur
      • Laundry Room
      • Waste Officer
      • Kitchen
      • Environmental Consultant
    • Responsible Manager
      • Specialist Physician
      • Dialysis Physician
      • Dialysis Physician
      • Dialysis Physician
      • Nutritionist
      • Occupational Physician
      • Medical Laboratory
      • Medical Archive and Doc.
    • Patient Rights Officer
    • Quality Management Director

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